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We will support you in reaching your goals...
with every required component!

We have been operating on the global market in the distribution of electronics since 1998 and can offer a wide range of active, passive and electromechanical components from all renowned manufacturers. Expertise and commitment are what make us stand out as reliable partners for our customers.

We will be pleased to handle your supply inquiries. We are a professional and reliable alternative to distribution – free from binding contracts.

Benefit from our 25+ years’ expertise in the industry of supplying electronic components and use our international, comprehensive and reliable sales network for a variety of electronic components.

Based on mutual trust, respect, openness and a sense of responsibility, our aim is to maintain best-practice relationships with our customers and suppliers. Fair dealings with our partners guarantee lasting business relationships.

Your satisfaction and quality expectations form the focus of our daily business.

We will support you in the special procurement of obsolete components

An imminent notice that the production of electronic components will be discontinued may, in challenging industries, cause serious damage since follow-up products are not always compatible.

Therefore, unavailable components or components of inferior quality may cause serious problems with production and the requirements of durable equipment and systems.

We are aware of the problems that can be caused by the industrial use of low-quality products and the risks this poses to the health and safety of others.

Therefore, we responsibly and honestly advise every customer of any possible risk in advance and work to take the necessary preventive steps.

When we see that it makes sense and is necessary to test a component, we use the services of approved German testing laboratories.


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