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Active components for high-quality electronic devices

In the 21st century, no area of life is imaginable without complex electronic devices. At the heart of these electronics are active components such as microprocessors, programmable logic devices, or sensors. Not only in medical and automotive technology, telecommunications, and aviation technology do high economic values and the safety of persons depend on their error-free operation. Therefore, the use of exclusively high-quality active components for their manufacture and lifetime maintenance is indispensable. Anja Heinze, Distribution of Electronic Components has more than 25 years of industry experience with the targeted procurement of electronic components. Put trust in our worldwide contacts with distributors and manufacturers. We have specialised in submitting to our customers the best possible quotations even for components that are difficult to procure.

When procuring high-quality electronic devices, for example, in the medical field, long-term maintenance contracts are concluded with the manufacturer. The discontinuation of electronic components can lead to fatal damage in demanding industries. Every day we process customer-specific requests regarding components that are difficult to procure or obsolete. Owing to an international network of global suppliers and manufacturers, Anja Heinze, Distribution of Electronic Components is able to promptly and efficiently offer solutions to your component requirements.

Active, passive and obsolete components – our product range:

  • Analogue/digital converters
  • Digital signal processors
  • Diodes, transistors and thyristors
  • Power semiconductors
  • Microcontrollers
  • Microprocessors
  • Programmable logic devices
  • Sensors
  • Memory
  • Drivers
  • Amplifiers

Our product range comprises both active components such as memory chips, microcontrollers, diodes, transistors, triacs, amplifiers, and much more and passive components such as potentiometers, ferrites, current transformers, crystals, and resistors. Optoelectronic components such as displays (LCD, LCM, TFT) or optocouplers are available as well.

Additionally, we also offer various electromechanical components as well as labels for labelling your components. As an authorized Brady distributor, we can also submit quotations for the customised labelling of your components or devices. Our aim is to always supply you with qualitatively flawless goods for your specific applications.

Compliance with your quality requirements is ensured by conducting careful receiving inspections and, if necessary, engaging specialised testing laboratories. Consistent quality management by means of transparent, documented, and traceable processes ensures reliable adherence to your quality standards. Our customers’ satisfaction is in the focus of our daily work.

Especially in the case of components that are obsolete or difficult to procure, we point out potential risks already in the quotation phase and take preventive measures in order to provide you with flawless goods. If component testing seems necessary and useful, we engage testing laboratories and test houses.

Our main concern is to satisfy our customers.


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