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Procurement of electronic components

When it comes to the targeted procurement of electronic components, you can trust in our competence and service. Anja Heinze, Distribution of Electronic Components has been active in the industry for more than 25 years and our fair and respectful interaction with customers and suppliers has established a basis for satisfaction and trust.

Owing to international partnerships with distributors and certified suppliers, we are able to localise the required components worldwide and also see into stocks of already discontinued components.

Procurement of electronic components – what makes us so special:

  • With great commitment, reliability, professionalism, and most of all experience we have established many long-standing customer and supplier relationships.
  • We pay particular attention to maintaining and improving customer satisfaction by applying process-oriented and risk-based thinking.
  • We attend to the constantly growing requirements and needs of the electronics industry by complying with all quality-relevant aspects.
  • We respond to your requests responsibly and in a target-oriented manner and look for solutions to procurement problems regarding all kinds of components.
  • Our quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 covers all business processes from the customer request to the shipping of the electronic components.
  • All electronic components are checked in a severe receiving inspection and – if necessary or deemed useful – tested by accredited testing laboratories or test houses.
  • Since more and more often inferior semiconductors or even counterfeits come onto the market, we point out potential risks especially in the case of special procurements of obsolete components.
  • Already in the quotation phase for the requested components we indicate in detail our sources of supply such as manufacturers, authorized dealers, or special procurement on the open market.
  • If component testing is foreseeable and deemed useful in advance, we engage the services of accredited testing laboratories. Complete test reports and photos of the components are provided and the components are only shipped upon the customer’s approval.
  • We are conscious of the importance of always supplying on-time flawless goods that meet your requirements.
  • Supported and promoted by our certified QM system, we continually work on improving our services. Customer satisfaction is the motivation for our daily work.
  • We submit quotations for products meeting your requirements in a target-oriented manner and at fair conditions and resort to our extensive and reliable distribution network of electronic components.

Product Overview:

  • Batteries
  • Wire and cables
  • IC sockets
  • Terminals
  • Relays
  • Fuses
  • Connectors
  • Switches
  • Transformers

Make use of our decades-long experience with the procurement of components and benefit from our worldwide contacts with reliable sources of supply.

In demanding industries, sudden discontinuations of electronic components can lead to fatal damage and production losses. Successor products are not always compatible and might lead to high economic losses.

In order that production does not come to a standstill, we support you in the procurement of active, passive, and electromechanical components, guided by your requirements and wishes.

We are the professional and reliable alternative to distribution. Being free from binding contracts, we can offer a variety of most diverse electronic components, all from renowned manufacturers. As an authorized Brady distributor, we can also submit quotations for the customised labelling of your components and products.

Anja Heinze, Distribution of Electronic Components is guided by the customers’ wishes and requirements and assists you in achieving your goals – with all components!


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