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Optoelectronic Components

In the 21st century, electronic devices are unimaginable without a large display and optical signalling devices. The so-called optoelectronic components such as LED displays, light-emitting diodes, or optocouplers not only provide improved comfort but are also indispensable for the reliable use of the devices.

These components, too, must always work reliably and properly, just as the other active, passive, and electromechanical components.

The use of high-quality optoelectronic components for production and maintenance means a high responsibility.

Put trust in us and our long-term experience with the procurement of electronic components, including optoelectronic components.

Being free from binding contracts, we also offer a variety of LED, LCD, and displays, even if they have already been discontinued. Owing to global distribution channels and access to stocks, we are able to localise even components that are difficult to procure.

We would be pleased to submit a fair no-obligation quotation for your specific applications.

We strive for sustainable solutions and consider it our duty to act economically and responsibly by submitting fair quotations for your specific requirements regarding optoelectronic components.

Product Overview:

  • Display (LCD, LCM, TFT)
  • Photodiodes
  • LEDs
  • Optocouplers

For the procurement of optoelectronic components: Anja Heinze, Distribution of Electronic Components

In the case of special procurements, we point out potential risks already in the quotation phase through open communication and offer testing of the components by accredited testing laboratories.

Apart from the previously mentioned optoelectronic components, our product range also includes LCM and TFT displays as well as photodiodes, active components such as diodes, transistors, and thyristors, power semiconductors. Also available are memories and drivers as well as passive components such as antennae, filters, capacitors, crystals, and resistors. The choice of products is completed by electromechanical components.

Our ambition and objective is to preserve our moral principles together with our business partners. Trusting cooperation and satisfied customers allow us to be sustainably successful.


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